From Our Freezer to Yours!

Vital Link has recently launched a new service to allow Ice Cream Lovers to directly buy Ice Cream from our online store. We even offer delivery!

Häagen-Dazs Double Chocolate Bars

Mmmmmmmmm…. Milk chocolate and almonds coat the irresistible flavor of decadent chocolate ice cream.

Drumstick Oreo


Take a break, have a Drumstick Oreo!

Our #1 selling sandwich is now a drumstick! Vanilla frozen dessert with Oreo cookie pieces.

Ice Cream Retail Sales

If you want to profit from ice cream sales, Vital Link makes the perfect partner to supply  your equipment and ice cream products.

Experiential Marketing

Our established network in top venues and annual events across Canada, gives us access to major marketing and branding exposure opportunities for your product / company.

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